Our business-related experience is diverse and extensive. We have represented clients in federal and state courts – including contract disputes, construction and real estate disputes, mineral trespasses, oil and gas disputes, closely-held business disputes, breach of fiduciary duty litigation, commercial collections, and insurance disputes.

Every business and every dispute is different, and we want to get to know you, your business, and your case so that we can work with you to devise the best litigation strategy to meet your needs. In addition, this approach helps us minimize costs by staying streamlined and seeking early resolutions, if appropriate. We understand that one of the greatest uncertainties in business litigation is cost of the legal work, and we will work with you to develop an alternative fee arrangement that meets your needs.

Our experience with commercial disputes touches numerous industries in Kentucky – including the banking, equine, natural resources, construction, and real estate sectors. Our attorneys with expertise in these industries assist the firm’s litigators in understanding the nuances each client’s business faces.

Commercial litigation is not a one-way street with the lawyer calling all of the shots. We value client input and communication from start to finish.

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